Here are some testimonials from some companies that we provide complete support from their computer networks to their smartphones and tablets, these are just general company (support) reviews for reviews of our individual products or services you will find thoses on the product pages themselves.




Solutions have really aided our business. It is a great comfort to have someone at the end of the phone or who can respond promptly to a problem that has occurred in respect of our computers or server. Solutions do their job quickly and efficiently allowing us to do the same!
NAME:         Kevin Southcote-Want
COMPANY: Southcote Scott Solicitors
CONTACT:  020 7034 7035


We use Solutions to manage our network as well as look after malfunctions with PC's laptops and smartphones. Always found to be reliable with fast response times but most importantly fixed pricing so we know what things will cost. Highly recommend.


NAME:         Paul Smith
COMPANY: TFA Interior Projects Ltd
CONTACT:  01895 204848


We have just switched our support provider to Solutions and have to say we are very happy with the service, thay manage our computer equipment along with our website and hosting. We would recommend contacting Solutions if you are having issues with your current support plans.


NAME:         Chris Phillips


We use Solutions for all our support needs and find them fast to respond and resolve any issues we have had, they have resolved all issues fast and at a great price and would highly recommend trying them


NAME:         Fraser Ritchie
COMPANY: Body2Perform





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