iPhone X Repairs

iPhone X Repairs

Repairs for the Apple iPhone X from broken screen replacement using Premium Quality Oled units to specialist microsoldering repairs such as touch issues or no wifi. The mainboard of the iPhone X comes in 2 parts sandwiched together with solder joints, we have specialist equipment to separate these to allow access to board level repair.

we can usually repair your iPhone X the same day and all repairs are guaranteed. If you cannot see the repair you need please call: 0800 0488761

Call today for a fast iPhone X repair in watford 

Brand: Apple Model: iPhone-X-OLED
If you have smashed or cracked your iPhone X screen we can replace it with an Premium quality (SOFT) OLED display, many repairers use (HARD) OLED screens in their repairs which are cheaper but are very brittle and crack very easily sometimes on their own without even dropping your phone! We onl..
Networking unlocking service for all makes and models we will require the IMEI number of your device to action the unlocking process.Prices start from £15 and depends on your device and which network it is locked please call for a free no obligation quotation...
Brand: Apple Model: iPhXRG
If you have smashed or cracked your iPhone X rear glass we can replace the glass panel with an OEM quality replacement part, this repair reuses your existing frame/bezel.iPhone X glass replacement can be carried out the same day and is fully guaranteed.Once the repair is complete we clean your phone..
Brand: Apple Model: iPhXDCK
If your iPhone X has stopped charging or will not connect to itunes you may have damaged your dock connector, we can replace the charge port with an OEM  part to restore full functionality to your iPhone.  This repair can be carried out the same day and is fully guaranteed.Once the repair ..
Brand: Apple Model: IPHXBATT
If the battery life on your iPhone X has deteriated, it may be time to replace the battery, this repair will restore your battery life to when your iPhone was new.We will replace your battery with a high quality OEM spec replacement.Note; Although this is a new high quality battery, due to Apple’s r..
Brand: Apple Model: IPHDIAG
If your iPhone will not respond to charging or turn on this is the service you need, we will diagnose any issues your iPhone is experiencing.We will then give you a free no obligation quotation for the repairs needed, Please call for any further information on individual iPhone models.There is no fe..
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