Terms & Conditions

Repair terms
This Agreement comes into effect from the date we receive your device and shall apply until we have repaired or returned your device and payment is received from you.
Any time scale given for the repair/service to be completed is an estimate only and does not form any obligation under the terms of this Agreement.
If we are not able to complete the repair for any reason, or the repair will incur unforeseen costs, we will contact you immediately.
Our repairs are guaranteed for 9 months from the date the device is returned to you from us. If the device develops an additional fault unrelated to the original repair, the repair warranty contained in this document does not apply. The warranty includes the repaired part(s) only and does not include further damage to the repaired part(s) or damage caused by other faulty parts. You will be responsible for any charges for getting your device back to us and we will cover the return costs if the warranty repair is approved.
We shall contact you when your device has been repaired and is ready for collection. If you do not collect your device within 60 days, we may dispose of the device any revenue obtained from your device will be used to cover any repair charges you are liable to pay, if it falls short of the amount outstanding you will still be liable for the balance, if your device covers the balance any remaining funds will be refunded to you.
On aluminum or metal edged devices any sharp edges will be removed or filed smooth during the repair to prevent injury to our technicians and yourself we will take every measure to ensure the best fit possible where the device frame has been damaged and is out of shape, this is not always possible and we will contact you if any frames need replacing.  If you require your device to look as new you will need to replace any damaged frame parts at an extra cost to yourself.
We conduct testing upon receipt of your device and when any repairs are finished to detect any secondary unidentified faults, sometimes impact or liquid damage can cause damage to internal components causing them to fail upon disassembly of your device, we will contact you to inform you of any further repair you device may need before proceeding with your repair.  We are not liable if additional faults arise as a result of the disassembly process itself we will warn you if this is likely but the reality is disassembly itself is the only true way of knowing.


Terms for warranty repairs
The 9 Month Warranty does not apply if the device has been subject to further accidental damage after our repair service, this includes (but is not limited to) smashed screens, dented frame’s and any other form of  impact or liquid ingress.
If the repair is found to be covered by a valid guarantee or warranty, we may ask you to provide proof of guarantee or warranty.  
If upon inspection the repair is not covered under the terms of your warranty or guarantee, then you may receive charges for the repair under the terms as stated below. We will always inform you of any charges prior to carrying out any non-warranty repair.

Terms for chargeable warranty repairs 
If repairs to your device are covered by a guarantee or warranty or the cause of the repair is in breach of any terms of your guarantee or warranty we will charge you for repairs in line with the terms of this Agreement.
The cost of repair will be calculated in accordance with our standard repair charges.
If we are unable to repair your device, no fault is found on your equipment or decides not to go ahead with any repairs, we will return your device to you un-repaired and we reserve the right to charge you a diagnostic/processing fee of £14.99.
We reserve the right to hold your device until all repair charges have been paid. We may also charge a fee for storage of your device.

Terms for (Colour Change) and custom services
Colour’s displayed in any Colour Change or custom Products offered are only to be used as a guide to the actual colour on the finished parts. We will try to represent the colour’s as well as we can to match the finished parts, we cannot control how the colour’s appear on different monitors and devices.
Refunds will not be given for Colour Change or Custom services unless the device has a fault.
If you are unhappy with the finish of a Colour Change and want to change it back to the original parts, we will charge you a fee for your specific device.

If through poor workmanship or negligence, we damage your device and cannot repair it, our liability will be limited to the cost of providing replacement hardware that is the same as your device.
Any data/information that you stored on your device remains your responsibility and we cannot be held liable for any loss or corruption of data. It is your responsibility to back up your data prior to any repairs.
Under no circumstances can we be held liable for any loss of business, revenue, profits or savings due to any delays in repair or any damage to your device.

Data Protection
Any personal information collected from you during registration or ordering is to enable us to provide our services effectively and to notify you of any status updates during the repair process. We may also use this information to contact you to inform you of additional services we offer. If you do not wish to receive this information inform us by emailing


We cannot be held liable to you for any delay in repairing your device or failing to deliver our obligations under this Agreement for any reason beyond our reasonable control.
This Agreement may not be modified, except prior to any repar/service in a signed contract agreement between us and a customer 


Refund/Cancellation Policy
If you are unhappy with the service or repair of your device, we have the following guidelines
For orders that have not yet been received by us you can cancel your order at any time and we will offer a full refund.
For orders that have been received by us but no repair has been started we will offer a full refund of the repair charges but with a processing fee of £14.99 deducted.
For orders that we have received and any repairs have been started, we cannot offer a refund, however we will repair any warranty issues free of charge as per our stated 9 month policy. At our discretion, we may offer a partial refund this will depend on the individual case. 


Liquid (water) Damage Repairs
This service is not a normal repair service as such, but a thorough cleaning of liquid residue and an inspection service. We cannot guarantee that your device will be repaired, but simply that it is cleaned and internal components are tested. If repair parts are required these will be additionally charged. Once the cleaning service has been completed, the fee is non-refundable whether the device is repaired or not.



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