The time has come to invest some time and money into screen refurbishment, there are a number of reasons for this other than the obvious improvement of screen quality. The amount of ewaste generated globally is HUGE and our decision to start to recycle screens and other functional parts is just a drop in the ocean but the more prople that start to think of ewaste the better.

Throughout a single year, the world produced more tonnes of E-waste than the entire population of Kenya (53 million).

The latest iphones  lose functionality when the original screen is replaced even with another original Apple screen, with this equipment we will have the option of just replacing the front glass of customers screens keeping all functions intact. We can also reuse/solder the IC from the original screen onto a replacement screen to keep full functionality.

One Part Of The Equipment- The Forward CEO-1+

With this new equipment we will have the ability to provide customers with the best possible quality screen replacement! an original screen with a new front glass,

If your iphone cannot tell its been repaired or will you.