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iPhone 7 Audio IC repair

New iPhone 7 Audio IC repair
Brand: Apple
Product Code: iPh-7-Audio-IC
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As the iPhone 7's begin to age, the signature problems are starting to emerge.  At the top of the list are problems with the iPhone 7 audio system


You may notice any or all of the following list of symptoms:

  • Callers can't hear you
  • Voice memos are greyed out
  • Sound doesn't record on videos
  • Siri can't hear you
  • You hear static on calls
  • Speakerphone doesn't work
  • Phone takes a very long time to boot

The underlying problem:  C12 pad at audio ic

All of these are symptoms of the same underlying logic board problem---a thin metal pad that the audio chip is attached to has separated from the logic board.
Interestingly, it is always the SAME PAD--the C12 pad.  This part of the logic board is a spot that brokers the connection of the master clock line to the audio integrated circuit (IC) chip.  C12 loosens and lifts from the board like peeling nail polish, triggering the symptoms above.

Due to the close proximity of the Audio IC and baseband IC (opposite side of the board) this repair can cause a loss of service if that area of the board has experienced stress.

John Stevens on 08/11/2019
2 reviews
Over the moon had already replaced my phone due to this problem, heard about this company and thought i would give it a go, iphone now perfect again and passed on to my daughter
Barry Halson on 08/11/2019
2 reviews
Very happy Apple told me my phone couldnt be repaired and i need to buy a new one, phone now works perfectly and i got it back the next day. I recommend this company to everyone

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